In this report, we were to read a case study of MTV’s history in India. We were then to explain how it affected the culture, especially the younger generation.

MTV has been known in the United States for influencing teens lives through the use of music videos and music related shows. When focusing in on these videos and shows it has become more and more apparent over the years how much the female body has been the focus point. In American society today the typical over-sexualized female has taken over the media and been the center of male fantasy. In society as a whole, teens and young adults have given into these roles and played it up even more because sex sells in today’s economy. The musical artists use this tactic when making their videos to induce more record sales and higher rankings.
This trend is not something that is seen around the world, and is definitely not always so accepted in another country. For example in this case it is India. MTV was introduced in India in 1994, but quickly went off the air in 1995. Because the United States and India have very different norms of dress, dance, and over-all behavior, MTV India had to make a major change before going back on the air. It replaced the videos with Hindi music, and only showing Western music during off-peak hours. Indian people instead of foreigners also replaced VJ’s. MTV India soon grew to be a very popular network, but the question is how did it affect the middle-class Indian woman? That is the purpose of the study done in the research article. The particular aim was a to get a feminist perspective on how these women might negotiate global television programming.
Something that surprised me was that even though India was not accepting of the complete Western way, India still is not that “innocent”. Even though the music is completely different than Western pop, the videos themselves are not that different. Indian pop music still demonstrates the over-sexualized woman showing of her skin. The reading also went into detail about how Indian videos have become more sexually explicit using camera angles to show cleavage and even have shots between the legs.
In conclusion the young women of India feel as if MTV is “presenting new and vital spaces for women”. They feel that until now Indian television has presented women as wives and mothers with stricter guidelines. The women surveyed said that MTV India has a “carefree attitude” and freshness that can accurately represent the youth of today.


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